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Refunds and Errors Policy

It is not the policy of Scott McDonald & Associates or Dental Demographics, LLC to offer refunds. Please read the following policy statement to understand why.

We provide a “work product.” This is similar to the work done by an attorney or CPA. We cannot guarantee a particular outcome. Once the information have been read, the entirely value of the report has been delivered. It can also be considered an intellectual property like a book. If you didn’t like the book, there should be not implication that you will get all or part of your money back

The most common reason that Clients seek a refund is because the site they are considering is not viable or desirable. While we sympathize with the notion that it may appear that the investment in market research was wasted, in fact, it was not. Sometimes the best information you can gather is NOT to consider a particular location. This will save many thousands of dollars in the long run. We believe it is in our Client’s best interest to be honest and straightforward. That may mean disappointing them.

Sometimes errors occur in these reports or services. That should be expected. We are gathering data from many sources, including government agencies like the U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Post Office, and various Consumer Products Bureaus. Additionally, data vendors make errors. Please note that we list in every report the sources of our information. We have not way of ensuring whether they are perfect and we have to assume to a degree that they are not. It is also true that our staff will hand-enter some numbers. There is a strong possibility that some of these numbers will be in error. If a Client becomes aware of an error, we hope that they will immediately contact our office at (800) 424-6222 so we can correct what errors we can find and re-release a new edition of the Report. But errors of this type are no justification for a refund.

It also happens that information will come to light that was not included in the original report. For example, a new competing practice will open next door. It also happens that a competitor will be “discovered” that was not found previously. In the vast majority of times, that competitor has intentionally “snuck” under the radar. There is little we can do but it should be understood that this happens regularly. As an example, a doctor will claim to be an orthodontist in advertisements but, in fact, they are a general dentist who will occasionally do orthodontics. As an aside, they are often the same people who will also claim to be oral surgeons, pediatric dentists, and endodontists. Many practices will get multiple listings on search engines. Therefore, if the Client was to enter a search engine to examine the number of competitors, they may see far more offices and doctors that we list in the report. We have already considered these cases when we do these reports and it is not productive for us to go through a lengthy discussion as to each case and why they should not be included. Just because others cheat on their search engine entries is no reason for anyone to get a refund.

Lastly, if anyone feels that they have not received their report in a timely manner, it is incumbent upon them to call our office at (800) 424-6222 to check on the status of the Report or Order. In nearly 100% of the time, the report is waiting in the E-mail Spam or Junk folder. We have no responsibility in this. We can usually get the report to them within 24 hours or less.

If an order has been placed and payed for but the subsequent forms have not been submitted within 12 months, the order is null and void. We will not fulfill that order. It has happened that some Clients will wait very long periods (we had one that waited for four years). We will not be responsible for creating a report or carrying out any service. Think of it as your dry-cleaners. After a while, your shirts will be given to the homeless. We close out our books. The same is true if you want a copy of an order we have already generated but you have lost your copy somehow. We only keep Reports for 12 months.

In the end, we will bend over backwards to help you and to clarify our work. If you will be cooperative, we will do all we can to solve any issues. On the other hand, a confrontational attitude will likely result in the same outcomes you see from your own practices.

Scott McDonald

President and Founder

Scott McDonald & Associates and Doctor Demographics, LLC