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You Either have More Time than Money or More Money than Time 

This statement is true in every practice we have ever worked with. If you find yourself in the situation where you have more money than time to get your marketing done, we have your solution.

Since our beginning more than 30 years ago, we consulted with thousands of Doctors with building production and collections through marketing and practice promotion strategies. Great marketing with sustained success starts with demographic research and informed analysis. We are the ONLY company that approaches our marketing campaigns in this way. That is how we made our name. 

If you have done your own research to find someone to help, you may be confused and more than a little frustrated trying to find experts who can help move the ball down the field without having to pay an arm and a leg  So this is our approach: Our vendor network of professionals includes leading designers, writers, mailing list vendors, printers, and PR professionals working with doctors means you don’t have to buy into a “program” of thousands of dollars a month and burdened with a lengthy contract.  We’ve got the experience and professional practice know-how to develop a serious plan to bring your practice promotions to life. We can develop successful campaigns for your practice that are focused on return on investment and will help you grow your practice.  If we can’t do it, we know who can. And you won’t be paying for services you won’t use.  

In the end, what makes us different in our marketing approach come to three things:

  • We do the research FIRST so you won’t waste your money.
  • We take an a la carte approach rather than selling some big plan (which often run $20,000 plus with dubious results).  This also means that you can drop out of a program (assuming you give us one month’s notice and pay for the work you have agreed upon that we have implemented).
  • We are not limited to one or two approaches to practice promotion.  We have a much large range of options to help in your circumstance.  In other words, we don’t believe that one-size-fits-all.

Here are a few options we want you to consider:

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