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Web Content & Search Engine Optimization – Outrank your competition on Google by going from page 45 to page 1. We view SEO as an essential marketing technique in today’s online world. We perform a variety of tasks with our SEO effort, from creating original content for your web pages and blog, to optimizing each page so it’s Google-Friendly. Our team of expert writers and SEO professionals take each keyword that’s relevant to your practice, and crafts a strategy for success. This package includes 3 Blog Posts per week on your website. 

Social Media – The dreaded Social Media. So often, it’s the task that everyone is excited about for a few days, then months go by without a post. We’ve found that consistency, coupled with great content, is key to increasing the engagement with your “fans” and getting value out of your social pages. We specialize in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest. This package includes 3 Social Media Posts per week on relevant networks (Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, typically). 

Local Map Optimization – One of the easiest things to fix is often overlooked. When you Google “Dentist <your zip code>” what pops up? Are you on the list? How many reviews does your practice have. Because Google has placed the map listings as the first thing people see when they search, the practices who rank the highest are getting 90% of the calls. We have an easy method for building your Local SEO credibility with Google. This package includes monthly submissions to online directories. 

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