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After speaking with so many Professional Practices across the nation, we have developed the option to hire our firm as an outsourced marketing director for your practice. Scott McDonald and Associates takes on a very limited number of practices each year in this type of relationship. We can show that we are serious about investing in your marketing success. We view this relationship as if we were your marketing director and had an office “down the hall”. We do not intend this relationship to replace any of your existing marketing staff or relationships but to supplement them by providing the opportunity to add over 50 combined years of professional practice marketing experience to your team, at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone with the same marketing competence. You like your web team. Terrific!  Love your direct mailer. Great!  Happy with your practice management consultants. Perfect! But let us coordinate all the elements of your practice promotion efforts.

Services Include:

  • Weekly reports to the doctor
  • Management of all marketing initiatives
  • Vendor phone call management (We talk to the salesmen for you)
  • Contract management
  • Marketing vendor vetting and recommendation
  • Daily campaign monitoring
  • Access to a combined 30+ years of dental marketing experience
  • Daily phone/email access to your account manager

Over the course of our work, we will be recommending a variety of marketing initiatives, including those found in the Marketing Report and those that we will discover as our relationship deepens. These services and initiatives will either be provided by a recommended vendor or by Scott McDonald and Associates.

In addition to the Outsourced Marketing Director option, we also offer à la carte services to our marketing clients. Here’s a few of the services we offer.  But if what you have is working, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  We are the first to admit that there are some wonderful people working in the field right now. And if you have someone great, let us know so we can possibly refer to them:

Media Placement – Whether its a new radio commercial, pre-movie advertisement, or the local news sponsorship, we can help you place your media with the right outlet to get the highest return. We’ll make sure your contract is structured in your favor.

Media Creation – Creating media that is driven and easily to measure is the key to a successful campaign. Most media outlets do everything in their power to stay away from metrics as they know that your ignorance means money in the bank for them. With us on your team, that won’t happen.
Website Design – Website design should be 1 part art and 1 part marketing strategy. Most professional practices we’ve worked with over the years have experienced one or the other, but not both. Our approach to Web design is to provide you with an affordable website that will be your best salesmen. Yes, it will be beautiful, but it will also be built for conversion. After all, if you’re not converting visitors into patients, why are you doing it at all?

Collateral Design – Yes, a traditional print brochure might seem a little old fashion. We do, however, feel it is a necessity to have to provide something tangible for your patients to walk out the door with. From referral cards to digital brochures, we can help you craft a design, with the right message, to create uniqueness for your practice and drive home a lasting message for your potential patients.

Printing Services – Once you have your beautiful design, you need to get it printed. We’ve worked out special pricing with the best print houses across the country to provide you with a quality product at a great price.

Metrics and Measurement

Google Analytic Monitoring and Reporting – Knowledge is power when it comes to marketing. There are so many tools available today that makes marketing a science. You should know, to the penny, how effective each of your marketing campaigns are and whether or not they are creating new patients. We can provide you with an easy to understand explanation of what all the metrics mean, and help develop a strategy for you that will provide results.

Call Tracking – Part of knowing exactly how your campaigns are preforming, we deploy call tracking numbers to gather intelligence and metrics. This knowledge gives us the knowledge to provide recommendations that preform at a high rate. We’ve partnered with some of the best metric providers in the country to create the right solution for our clients.

Campaign Management – Managing the day-to-day is one of the hardest parts about marketing. Like we say “You be a great doctor, we’ll be great marketers”. We can manage your marketing campaigns, big or little, to make sure they are providing the intended results. Our account managers are top-notch and will communicate with you what needs to be done.

Outsourced Marketing Director

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