[Podcast] Kiss of Death Locations for 2023

kiss of death for doctors 2023

Every year we share with you our ‘Kiss of Death’ locations for the upcoming year. This is a must-watch for any potential practice owner.

Watch the video here:

A Note from Scott McDonald on This Week’s Episode:

Every year, we publish a list of the sites that are “Risky.” We call these areas the “Kiss of Death” Sites.  If you are considering one for purchase or a start-up, we want you to think twice. The factors that make these locations less-than-desirable, change each year.  For example, in recent years, locations that had high unemployment were risky.  But at this time, unemployment has not been a major factor in what makes a good or bad location.  Rather, this year, locations that have above-average crime are undesirable.  Perhaps more important, locations that have a high cost of living, rising taxes (income and property) and a reduced birth rate are having a more difficult time,  Almost without exception, they are losing population.

In this episode, I take the time to examine the key factors that matter as well as the specific states and cities that suffer from “The Kiss of Death.”

This is an important episode if you don’t like risk.  And I have tried to be as specific as possible just why this is so.  Some locations (many) are committing economic suicide.  Others have adopted a poisonous political message that is going to harm them.  In the end, it is not a single factor.  Rather, it is one of many.
I hope you enjoy this message and take it to heart