[Podcast] Practice Locations with Promise for 2023

places with promise 2023

Every year we share with you our ‘Places with Promise’ locations for the upcoming year. This is a must-watch for any potential practice owner.

Watch the video here:

A Note from Scott McDonald on This Week’s Episode:

Last week, we reviewed the “Places with the Kiss of Death.”These are locations that I am strongly suggesting you NOT consider a start-up practice or a practice purchase.  My reasoning is based upon the fact that their demographics are not looking particularly promising.  
This week, we are looking at sites in the United States that are looking more hopeful.  These locations are economically strong and show signs of growth.  Many are manifesting strong economies or improved employment trends. Unfortunately, the short version of this episode can only lightly pass over the location.  Still, I think it will stimulate your thinking.
Let’s face it, the U.S. is looking at a period of economic risk and potential decline.  Interest rates are surely going to rise.  Still, that is no reason to sit on your hands while opportunities to grow are just over the horizon.  
This episode explores the places where the potential for growth (and wealth) can be found. These are the places that still have risks but the risks are mitigated.
I hope you will allow Doctor Demographics to explore with you the places that have Promise!