[Podcast] Practice Strategy for Race and Ethnicity

race and ethnicity for practice strategies

Race and Ethnicity should play a major role in your overall practice strategy. From service to marketing, billing practices, and follow-up. It all makes a huge difference.

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A Note from Scott McDonald on This Week’s Episode:

Many people (including doctors and practice owners) do not grasp. Even our competitors are a little foggy about their meaning. The first is the difference and relationship between race and ethnicity. The viability of practice often (increasingly) depends on a thorough understanding of the differences. Last week, we discussed “Hispanic” countries and populations.

This week we are examining their culture, nation of origin, and language. We have expanded the discussion to include other countries. But we want you to see how this can influence the potential of this information in your practice.

Read the Race and Ethnicity Podcast Transcript Here:

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