Session 45 – Social Media Update – Podcast

Session 45 – Social Media Update

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Hello.  This Scott McDonald and welcome to the Perfect Place to Put a Practice Podcast.

As you know, our company,, provides marketing reports for all kinds of practices. Our approach is to consider several factors as we advise offices on both the message they want to portray and the media they use to present it.  Part of what we are looking for are the things that competing practices are promoting.  While it is not always necessary, it is desirable to at least look somewhat different from other offices of the same type of practice.  We look at the demographic and psychographic character of the population we want to reach.  Market segmentation theory suggests that not all potential patients want the same services.  Finding services that people want to spend their money on will make marketing much more important.  And we also look at a wide range of media options.  Radio is a great medium for the right environment.  It can be a total loser in others.  The same is true of direct mail, discount offers, print media, and signage.  The idea is to use media wisely.  After all, it can be expensive.  That is why we like to have metrics in place to measure their effectiveness.  Any time a marketing adviser or consultant says that that this feedback is not vital, keep your hand on your wallet.

Let’s take a moment to discuss social media.  Just as with any medium of communication, it is going to take some money, some expertise, some patience, and some good advice.  Sure, it is generally a good thing to have potential consumers of your services hear about you.  But we warned that social media has become a vast wasteland of bad advice.  We have a special, full-hour presentation on its use in a video offered on our web site that I strongly recommend you consider watching.  If you cannot find it, just write to me at my e-mail account at

This podcast episode has been created because of two promptings I have received.  The first is some marketing publicity that I have come across.  It claims that social media is the ONLY tool you will ever need.  This company can do it all for you.  The problem is that this is horse manure.  Social media’s strength is its personal contact feel.  It should appear to be personal.  If it does not, it will not work.

The other reason I am making this podcast is to announce that you can follow via several social media outlets including podcasts like this, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.  While I love to have you visit us on Facebook, if we see some interesting demographic news about practice site selection, following us on Twitter makes sense.  If you want to see the Demographic Whetherman channel and get some free briefings on trends in the U.S., it is a nice place to subscribe for a quick bit of information not available anywhere else. To be honest, I have been really fortunate to have so many good doctors getting their information from us.  I would love to know what you think about all of it.