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State Briefings – Podcast

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  1. State Briefings – An Overview

Hello.  This is Scott McDonald and Welcome to the Perfect Place to Put a Practice Podcast.  In this session, I want to review briefly with you the steps that we recommend new professionals pursue as they choose where to practice.

You have to start with the big picture.  I mean by this that you have to start with a large geographic area to give you the most choices in order to determine where you want to practice.  This session is not the step-by-step process that we provide in our “Where to Put a Practice” bundle found on the web site.  What I want to discuss with you here is the concept of reducing your focus so that you can eventually find the place that will suit you best.  The idea is to gather data from a large geographic area and then increasingly reduce the size of the area you want until you have a particular place that you will want to research.

As you area aware, we have the Whetherman Forecast that looks at the major trends affecting the United States.  In these free video lectures, I will show you maps of the nation that show how one part of the U.S. is different from others and why this should be important to you.  From this, you will begin to get the idea of which states will tend to have more relevance to what you want without getting too much into which parts of the State are best.  As an example, I did a Forecast on where growth in the U.S. was occurring based upon birthrate and based upon immigration. We discussed why some ethnic, language, and racial groups were moving to one area versus another. In another episode, we discuss the relative value of the dollar will be for different people. And in a soon-to-be-released episode, we will discuss how many of the differences between and among the states are making some regions more desirable than others.

I think a fact-based approach to national trends is important and, keep in mind, my perspective is ONLY on professional practice. 

From this information, I have tried to prepare an inexpensive method for professionals to get data about the various states in the “Tell me About” reports.  These are $49 summaries of what I am seeing in the various states.  True, not every corner of every state makes into the commentary section.  I focus primarily upon the sites with the greatest changes and the largest population centers.  While the commentary does not change every year, the demographic information on the states, cities, and counties do.  This year, we just updated the numbers for every county and city in each state that we are asked about most to show size, growth, median household income and more based upon the most recently released data.  Where is the money? Where are the people? Where are the danger zones?  That is what these State Briefings are all about. I created them because I found it is really a gap in information you need.  True, local demographics are available from many sources but it is finding the intermediate information that is most difficult.

It may sound funny, be we don’t think it is wise to use this tool to compare cities and counties between states.  Instead, it works best to compare and contrast communities within the states.  That is because when you start comparing areas outside of the same state you will find yourself comparing apples-to-oranges.  Counties in Connecticut are different on several levels than counties in Georgia.  But the Tell me About reports also known as State Briefings, are to help you further drill down on the parts of the U.S. that will help you find what you want without having to spend a great deal of money. 

The Best Sites Report is intended to analyze a large geographic area and to tell where the 5-best potential locations can be found within the same state in the region you designate.  Our purpose is to give to you options for consideration with the latest data. 

Once you find a place you want to have the definitive word on in terms of viability and competition, the Community Overview Report will focus down even closer in order to tell you about the potential of a practice area. But you should never forget that while competition ratios are important, they are only one of several other factors that will determine whether a site will work for you or not. 

If you don’t know where to go, start with the Whetherman Forecasts and these podcasts.  They are free and fact-filled.  Then, go to the State Briefings for an inexpensive tool that is specific for practices as you localize the places that you will want to know about most.  All of this information can be used in context with the Telephone Consultation in which I can research any area of the U.S. to answer your specific questions.  In the end, we are here to help you make some important decisions about your practice and your future.


This is Scott McDonald on the Perfect Place to Put a Practice podcast.  Look us up on Doctor And thanks so much for listening.