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The Secret to Marketing Dental Implants

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One of the most common things I hear from dentists all over the country, is that they want more dental implant patients. It makes sense, dental implants are a profitable product, a break from the routine treatments, and have a dynamic impact on the life of the patient. It’s no wonder so many dentists all over the country want more dental implant patients walking through the door. But thats the trick, isn’t it. Getting them to walk in the door. Today, I’m going to let you in on the secret to marketing dental implants effectively.  Hello folks, Mike Green here with another edition of the Professional Practice Marketing moment. If you’ve listened to my other podcasts or worked with us before, you know that I believe that marketing should be scientific, and not a shot in the dark. But thats exactly what your marketing is doing right now, isn’t it. You are hoping that your dental implant ad on the radio will bring more patients in. I’m a firm believer that hope is a lousy marketing strategy. 
All right, enough of my preaching. Lets get to some usable intel that you can use when your crafting your next dental marketing campaign. The first thing that you may not be aware of is that there is a right time and a wrong time of the year to market for dental implants. Smart marketing is placing your product in front of an audience when the demand is hot. Sure, you can spend thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to create demand when the interest is low, and you get some return, but I’d rather have my clients play a game that I know they can win. Lets focus your dental implant marketing during the right time of the year, then shift to a different marketing product when they are hot at alternating times. For dental implants, January and February is when demand is the highest. Demand for implants start to wain in March, and continues to get less interest by the public through December. Then, just like clockwork, interest skyrockets again in January. This cycle has been true since about 2010. 
I’m hedging a bet in saying that your marketing firm has never told you that. Am I right? They aren’t telling you that because they see every campaign as a nail and they use radio, tv, and the like as the big giant hammer. My friends, I’m telling you, you need to be fare more scientific than that. So how do you use this information? Well, you make sure that your marketing budget is allocated heavily in the early part of the year for dental implants. That budget should slowly taper off through the summer and should be non-existent by October. 
We can also look at geographic interest for a gage for where dental implants are a worth-while product to market. Over the past 5 years, interest in dental implants has increased by over 200% in the following metro areas: Tampa St. Petersburg Sarasota, Las Vegas, West Palm Beach Florida, Phoenix, Buffalo , Ft. Myers – Naples , Denver.  If your practice is in one of these areas, and you are not actively pursuing dental implant patients in your office, you are missing the boat. There is heavy interest in all of these areas. Kentucky, Georgia, and New Jersey also have several hot-spots for dental implant interest. That is not to say that implants would not be effective outside of these metro regions, it just means that if you’re outside of these areas, it would be wise to do some additional in-depth research before you assign a budget amount. 
In terms of what type of search terms the public is using, the top terms are: Cost dental implants as the number one phrase, which is no surprise. Followed by “dental implant” a research phrase, cost of implants, teeth implants, dental implant insurance, dental insurance, tooth implants. These are the terms that you need to be going after in your Internet marketing. This is includes your SEO, blog posts, social media posts, and local optimization. A good place to start would be to see where your website is currently ranking for these terms, then create a strategy based on that. If you don’t know where to start, reach out to me and I will give you a hand. 
As far as what message or ad you should use for your dental implant campaign, that I cannot tell you in this forum because it should be highly individualized based on the demographic and psychographic profiles found in your practice area. If you are familiar with our company, Scott McDonald and Associates, you know we are the leader in demographic studies for dental professionals, and have been for over 30 years. Our knowledge of demographics and psychographics are the basis behind our marketing strategies for our clients. They are built on return and not pie in the sky promises.
I hope this information is helpful and educational for you and your practice. If you would be interested in learning more about our marketing strategies that we provide or if your interested in having me make a visit to you and your staff at your practice, with more marketing information about your practice than you thought existed, visit us at