2016 Marketing Must Haves November 12 Webinar



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We are extremely excited about the 2016 Marketing Must Haves for Dental Professionals Webinar.  This is quite a bit different from other Internet based seminars and webinars.  First of all, our invitation is only going to those who know about our company and have ordered a report or a sample.  Second, we are dividing the session into geographic parts of the U.S. that have many demographic characteristics in common.  This will allow us to customize the contents of the Summit to concentrate on what is happening in YOUR area of the U.S. and the state in which you practice.

The last thing you should know is that we are using this as a means to provide specific demographic and lifestyle data to dentists.  It is less expensive than a telephone consultation. 

The one-hour program will deal with four parts:

  1. Trends in Your Neighborhood. In short, we want to discuss what the most recent trends in your area are showing.  Is the area growing, shrinking, changing, developing, or thriving.  To illustrate how these numbers are effecting practice, we will include for each participant the comprehensive list of cities and counties in the areas covered for this session, the demographics of the cities and counties found here.   This will come to you in a spread sheet format.  In advance of the session, you will also be invited to send us specific questions of what is happening in a particular area of the region.  We only ask that your questions apply to all of the other participants.  This will be the most specific description of what is happening where you practice in any venue of its type.
  2. Market Research Methods. There is a great deal of new data that has been released by the U.S. Census Bureau this year that will influence your decision making process.  This includes new ways of looking at market trends and geographic areas.  This is the part of the program where we will discuss what methods for analysis of your practice area is changing and what to do about it.
  3. Messaging. Most doctors do not know it but there are trends in what you should say about yourself and your practice in your web pages, social media, direct mailers, and other internal and external media.  We will share with you what people are responding to best in terms of dental practices in order to move the needle in terms of what you say about practice.   But we will also discuss how the trends in the neighborhood are requiring changes in branding of practices.
  4. Media. Media is a moving target.  We want to give to you a first-hand view of what media trends are out there.  Some of the “golden oldies” of dental practice media are dying.  Some are making a come-back.  The idea here is getting specific recommendations on how you can maximize your marketing budget to get the best return.  And, yes, we will be very specific about vendors and methods.

We look forward to having you join us.  You can reserve your seat by ordering below. Once you have reserved your seat, an email will be sent to you a few days before the event with instructions on how to log into the webinar.