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Community Overview Report



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Most often this Report is used to determine practice viability before you risk your money or a paper is signed. This is often used as part of an SBA package. The Report will break down 14 CONTIGUOUS Zip Codes as well as 5-, 10-, and 15-minute drive-time radii. Data comes from two competing data vendors. Competition (and when applicable) Referral Sources are considered. Relevant landmarks such as schools are included for pediatric-type practices.

The end of the Report is an analysis by a demographer familiar with the specific discipline that will offer a Recommendation and Observation based upon this information. If you want to know something specific, please ask*. A 20-minute telephone consultation is available as part of the price of the Report.

We need to know:

  • Street Address or Cross Streets
  • City, State, and Zip Code
  • Type of Practice
  • Circumstances (New or Scratch, Purchase or Existing, Move from Existing Location, Main or Satellite or Second)

What we want to know:


We do not track insurance offered or accepted in the region

Databases and Contact List of doctors and practices are available for an additional charge


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