This is a research-based tool to help practices promote their practices cost-efficiently. It is NOT a pre-fabricated package of standard-issue tools. It is in-depth analysis of the practice’s current or proposed brand, current or proposed marketing tools, competition and clinical offerings. It also provides a “brand” that reflects the psychographic character and target market of the site of the practice. Specific internal and external marketing recommendations will be proposed including target markets, quantities, budges, Zip Codes, Radio and Television Stations (when applicable), print media (including insertion size, cost and content recommendations), as well as necessary signage recommendation. 

This is NOT a tool to be used by doctors with no specific address. Due to traffic analysis, for example, a street address is necessary to make the Recommendations practical.

We need to know:

  • Street Address
  • Marketing Goals (what you want to accomplish)

We like to know:

  • Marketing Budget
  • Current Marketing Tools (samples)
  • Distribution of Patients broken out by Zip Code
  • Marketing Tools you do NOT ever want to use

Marketing Report


  1. After staff processes payment (usually within 24 hours), you will receive an e-mail with an attached form. Complete the form and return it to the E-mail address designated.
  2. If there is a problem with the order, one of our staff will call within 24 hours to review. If there is a question, we can resolve it at that time.
  3. Please note that we need to have the practice address (including Zip Code) along with a breakout of patients by Zip Code (if possible), samples of logos, web sites, and marketing materials used in the past.
  4. Between 7 and 10 business days, you will receive an E-mail with the Report attached. On the same day that the E-mail is sent, a hard copy will follow U.S. Post.
  5. Included in the cost of the Report is a 20-minute telephone consultation with the demographer who prepared the report. Times for the consultation session will be arranged via e-mail. Of course, you are not required to have the consultation. It is offered as a courtesy.
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