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On-Site Demographic Report and Consultation

On-Site Consultation and Report Information Form

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On-Site Demographic Service When the risks are high and the potential rewards are great, you don’t want to play around with partial answers. You need the facts that only an on-site consultation and report will offer. This service comes in three parts: Written Report with Data This will include a wide range of demographic, psychographic, traffic, crime, business-database and analysis, competition, medical and/or dental production (when applicable), net-worth of residents, major shopping center report (when applicable), disposable income, health and beauty market potential (when applicable), and housing profile. The report will also include a full marketing plan, analysis, and execution plan. In-Person Meeting with Demographer on Site to Review Report and Discuss Analysis (6 Hours Maximum). The meeting time will be determined at the time of scheduling with our team. The report (pdf) will be available to review with the owners, financiers/lenders, Realtors, and/or brokers at that time. Follow-up Telephone Consultation The consultant will be available for an hour-long conference call after the initial meeting to answer any questions that may have arisen. Costs and Fee These services are available on an extremely limited basis. The price for this service is $2,250 which is due at the time of scheduling the visit. Reasonable travel expenses (Airfare, lodging, meals, and travel) will be due at the time of solidifying the date and will be a separate charge.   Also, the amount charged is fixed and will not vary above or below this price once agreed upon. Because this service is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis, we anticipate demand will be greatest during certain months of the year. It may not be possible to schedule On-Site Demographic Services at any time that may seem convenient so please make your reservation as early in the development process as possible. We can expedite other demographic analysis services but this one is unlikely, no matter how great your need might be. Call our office to reserve this On-Site Analysis.


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