Practice Report and Video Consulation


We are trying something new that I hope will help you evaluate practice locations better.  We are bundling the Telephone Consultation ($225) Video Conference and the Community Overview Report (starting at $495) together at a special price. Normally, this would be $720.  We are dropping the price to $600 for one week only.  
Order the Practice Demographic Report and Video Consultation Bundle until May 1, 2018, to get this price.  The Consultation does NOT have to be carried out in one week but you will have to order it as part of the bundle in that time.  Once we have the place you will want to consider for the Community Overview (Practice Viability Report), we will get that report to you.  You have 12 months to consider the location for that report.  
If you are serious about finding the Perfect Place to Practice, this is a deal you should not pass up.

The Special Pricing Expires May 1st, 2018