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The QuickView Report is intended to give brokers, realtors, and consultants a quick and inexpensive demographic report with both Zip Code (8 contiguous) and Drive-Time (5- and 10-minute) around a specific address or intersection.  This is not intended to be a “retail” product to professionals like dentists or physicians.  It is priced so that we do not spend a great deal of time on the telephone or writing back-and-forth with doctors.  However, we are pleased to train YOU when you start using this service.  Still, we cannot enter into consultation for very long on any given site.  As you can imagine, this is a very time-consuming process.

The basic Report looks like the enclosed sample.  Because the needs of your clients and their potential locations may vary, we have offered an “a la carte” service in which you can add additional reports.  Please order these additions at the time of your initial order. Keep in mind that unless you tell us otherwise, the radius will be in drive-time, in the same units as the initial order (5- and 10-minutes).  The default is to send you the information in a PDF format.  The reason for this is that firewalls and security protocols are suspicious of Word or Text and often will not allow them to be downloaded.  PDF formats are usually accepted. 


We can accept checks or credit cards.  We will generate an invoice at the time of ordering and ship it via e-mail to you and request that you make payment within 30 days.  The invoice will reference the location(s) we have examined. Credit cards should be on file with us at the time of ordering.  An invoice and receipt are generated and shipped with your reports.

Sample Reports

Below are downloadable links to the QuickView Report and all add-on demographic reports. These are provided in PDF format.

QuickView Report Sample – General Dentist
QuickView Report Sample – Dental Specialist
QuickView Report Sample – Veterinary
QuickView Report Sample – Vision

Business Locator Sample
Business Summary Sample
Medical Expenditures Sample
Major Shopping Center Map Sample
Pets and Products Market Potential Sample
Traffic Count Map Sample
Traffic Count Map Close-Up Sample
Graphic Profile Sample


These are flat-fee reports meaning that volume discounts must be negotiated in advance of placing an order. Typically, we require at least 50 reports before any such discount is applied.