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07/26/2022 – Demographics and Politics Part 1

In this episode, I discuss the specific aspects of demographics that are causing all the craziness. And it is worth considering in some detail how folks seem to want to look at politics as a “blood sport.” No, I don’t discuss much the morality of choosing one side or another. Assigning blame is unwise. But it is true that if you are going to choose an area to purchase or start a practice, some places are going to look much better than others. Hey, that is my job. Right?

Previous Webinars

07/19/2022 – Practice Strategy for Race and Ethnicity

Many people (including doctors and practice owners) do not grasp. Even our competitors are a little foggy about their meaning. The first is the difference and relationship between race and ethnicity. The viability of practice often (increasingly) depends on a thorough understanding of the differences. Last week, we discussed “Hispanic” countries and populations. This week we are examining their culture, nation of origin, and language. We have expanded the discussion to include other countries. But we want you to see how this can influence the potential of this information in your practice.

07/12/2022 – The Hispanic Switcheroo

I only wish there was sufficient time to discuss all I have learned about the Hispanic population in a single episode. Nevertheless, I have created a long and short offering about Hispanics that will provide a little insight into these important groups of people.  Not a day goes by that we don’t hear about their immigration numbers. The Southern Border is being crossed into the United States by ever larger numbers and this may prove vital to your practice.  Who are they? How do you reach them? Are they ALL desirable as a patient base? This episode is just a start to understanding the “Hispanic Switcheroo.”

06/28/2022 – Summer Demographic Trends Doctors Should Know

During the course of my work, I read many articles and journals that apply to healthcare practice demographics. Much of the time, demographers form a consensus on the big picture. Often, these analysts and researchers can come to disagreements in their conclusions. You would expect nothing less. But to help our doctors, I have gleaned some factors that I think they should know to make wise decisions for their practices. This episode explains some of the takeaways that will help our practices.

06/23/2022 – 3 Pillars for a Successful Practice Placement

There are three pillars that every doctor should be considering when deciding on an area to place their practice. In this video, Mike Green (head demographer at Doctor Demographics) goes through each of these pillars and gives some guidance on what to look for when making this key decision.

06/20/2022 – Population Winners and Losers and Why

It sometimes surprises them to see how much greater the loss to a densely populated area is relative to its growth.  To adequately describe the trends in population, we introduce the concept of “Dispersion.”  This is the process of making the process of going from a densely populated area to one of less density (not just population size or rate of growth).  In the post-Covid world, it seems that everyone wants a little more space in which to live.  Having neighbors may be necessary but we don’t want them TOO close.

06/14/2022 – Why Population Density is Important to Your Practice

This session is an examination of the definitions and terms identified in the descriptions of the locations you are considering. It may come as a surprise.

06/08/2022 – Practice Locations with Promise for 2023

This week, we are looking at sites in the United States that are looking more hopeful.  These locations are economically strong and show signs of growth.  Many are manifesting strong economies or improved employment trends.

06/1/2022 – Kiss of Death Practice Locations for 2023

Here it is folks. It’s our annual list of Kiss of Death practice locations for 2023. Before you get all uptight about the list – this does not mean that you cannot be successful in these locations – but you better watch this episode so you know what you’re up against.

05/18/2022 – Pin Pointing the PERFECT Practice Location

It has been true for a long time that brokers, realtors, and even demographers have considered only a very narrow number of factors in determining practice site viability. Traditionally, this may have been due to a misunderstanding of how to interpret the available data. We knew, for example, if the population surrounding a practice site was growing or shrinking. We certainly could tell if the competition around a location was increasing relative to the population. Terrific! But the science of demographic analysis has grown and deepened while the users of these numbers have not kept up. And there is little surprise why this is so: it is heavy lifting!

05/11/2022 – Marketing Your Practice in Today’s Economy

I believe (as many researchers do) that we are heading for an economic downturn soon. The only way to thrive during these times is to get the research and then make a plan and THEN you have to stick to it. That is what this episode is all about. But you need to make your plans soon!

05/04/2022 – The Idaho Wobble – And Why It’s Important for Your Practice (even if you’re not in Idaho)

What goes up will invariably come down. It is a basic law of gravity, economics, and demographics. We can simply not hope that things will stay the same (either good or bad). Frankly, we are at a time when it appears the World is sliding into a Recession. This has long been predicted. So, with this in mind, we have to assume that there is going to be a “wobble.”

04/27/2022 – Foreign Migration and How it Impacts Your Practice

This episode discusses the ways that you can work with these local and national trends to build a new patient base that is educated and ready to work. We will discuss the priorities of these migrants, where they might settle, and what you can do to attract them to your practice. Please be aware that Doctor Demographics can identify where the new immigrant residents are moving, what they want from your practice, and how to attract them.

04/20/2022 – Toxic Urbanity

Since the Covid Pandemic started more than two years ago, sociologists and demographers have been debating the questions. “When all this is over, what is going to happen? Will people move back to their old neighborhoods a resume their old lives in the same places as before?” 

04/12/2022 – Should You Move Your Practice South?

Go South Young Man! The national trend right now is to look at the southern end of the country for opening a new professional practice. There are many big cities that are growing there and there is tremendous attention from the doctor community. So, the big question is this: Should YOU Go South?

04/05/2022 – Practice Placement Secrets for Doctors

Doctors often find themselves influenced by locations that OTHER doctors are considering for purchase or development. This session explains how this is both good and bad. It also features the parts of the U.S. that are good bets and those that are not.

03/30/2022 – Measuring The Affordability of Your Practice Area

For Doctors, understanding how affordable an area is when it comes to land, hiring, advertising, etc. is a key component for practice site selection. In this episode, Scott McDonald goes through the items that you should be thinking about when making your decision.

03/23/2022 – Creating A Practice That Will Last For Years

The last thing most Doctor’s want to have happen is to have their practice not have longevity. Even if your goal is to sell your practice within a few years, you want that practice to be strong and productive from the time you turn the key on day one. In this episode, Scott McDonald from Doctor Demographics shares how you can achieve this by taking a few simple steps.

03/15/2022 – Doctor Demographics – Texas vs. Florida | Outlook for Doctors

A very common question we get here at Doctor Demographics is to compare two large geographic successes – Texas and Florida. In this episode, Scott talks about these two areas both individually and in contrast, and how it may impact the practice placement decisions for doctors.

03/09/2022 – How Slanted Demographics Impacts Your Practice Placement Decisions

Professional practices (Dentists, doctors, veterinarians, etc) place a tremendous amount of time and money into picking the right place to practice. Many, we are sad to say, fall victim to manipulated demographics to fit a certain narrative. Scott McDonald covers this topic in-depth in this video titled ‘Slanted Demographics’.

03/02/2022 – Daytime Workers Surrounding Your Practice

Knowing who is employed around your practice is vital in how you position your practice in the marketplace. Scott McDonald shares how you can use this knowledge to help in your practice strategy.

02/16/2022 – Placing Your Practice in a Medical Plaza? Good idea or not…

It has long been popular to place a professional practice in a “Medical Plaza” for various healthcare offices. There was a sense of unity and protection for these practices. This podcast deals with the issues that you might keep in mind. But the rationale for these centers is shifting. This video is a must-see!

02/03/2022 – Borders and Barriers for your Practice

Proper practice viability or best sites report, knowing a practice’s borders and boundaries is all-important in order to offer geographic “context” for the site, Yes, we will discuss isochrones, proxemics, and centers of gravity.  This is very useful stuff!

01/18/2022 – Makes A Perfect Place to Practice

In this episode, Scott Mcdonald dives into why you should put a practice where the perfect place is as well as the three traditional demographic imperatives for practice: economic growth, population growth, and socioeconomics. He said, “A rising birth rate is one indicator of who can step into your practice and benefit from it.” And remember, the percentage of people tends to be even more important than how much they’re earning. Also, when it comes to choosing a location that shows the most economic potential, you will have to move in because of job opportunities. Thus, moving target is going to determine so much of your success.

12/22/2021 – Staff as a Problem

Scott McDonald delivered a talk to the staff that may jeopardize healthcare practices in the United States. The problem is that the number of people available to work, university enrollments, and young people’s scholarships are all declining. In summary, there is a demographic problem. They refuse to labor for any amount of money. So, as someone who has typically taken young people, taught, motivated, and gotten them going successfully, it can be resolved by finding places in the United States, where there are young people willing to come in and work.

12/15/2021 – Specialist Demographics

On today’s podcast, Scott McDonald discussed the Demographics of specialty practice and their imperatives. He said that it is necessary to understand the distinction between experts. He shared how specialists choose the population they would serve based on various variables, priorities, calculations, and techniques to cluster it into surrounding hospitals. In addition, Scott addressed and categorized the quasi-specialist, a new phenomenon that caused frustration. He encourages everyone to visit which provides services for many types of specialized practices that can assist you in finding the ideal location for training and offer demographic reports to all healthcare specialties.

12/08/2021 – School

Do you have an interest in going to medical school? Young people interested in going to medical school need to know about all the opportunities out there for them and more. Here are a few things you need to know about and then you can decide where, when, why, and how much (cost-wise) you want a medical career.

12/01/2021 – One Party

When it comes to choosing a place to practice, the rule of thumb on “Growth” has not changed but competition ratios have to be reexamined. “Practice Clustering” is changing the calculations a little, especially for specialist practices.  That is why choosing a demographic company that does real analysis (not just publishes competition figures) is so vital.

There is a new urgency in determining public policies that will help or hurt practice value in the long run based on “Public Choice Theory” (how politicians and regulators put their thumb on the scales) and it is having a profound effect

11/17/2021 – Are You Kidding: Michigan, Ohio, and Kansas

For a long time Michigan, Ohio, and Kansas have been off the “Best Places ” lists for demographers.  Employment, labor participation, income, and growth have not really been that bad but they have not been outstanding either.  But with increased growth, lower housing prices, relatively lower taxes, and superior single-family home availability, this region has popped back up to the top of many lists.  Let’s explore why.

11/10/2021 – Fortune Favors The Bold

Many doctors are afraid to move forward with their plan to open a practice because of demographic trends like interest rates rising and the fact that the number of practices for sale isn’t so good. Despite these trends, now is the time to be bold and to start your research while so many are quitting because of fear and confusion. In this video, Scott Mcdonald talks about how to do your research on these demographic trends to have a better understanding of how to use them to your advantage.

11/03/2021 – Mergers and Acquisitions

A combination of fields can create a higher level of success for your practice. By studying the demographics in your area, you can ensure that a combination of practices is a smart step to take toward greater success. In this video, Scott McDonald explains the ins and outs of merging practices correctly to assure higher revenue for your business.

10/20/2021 – Population Density

Population density is an important issue to consider when choosing your practice location. Many practices suffer because of the effect population density has on their location, so it’s extremely important to know how to properly recognize a location’s worth depending on the population density. In this video, Scott McDonald discusses the considerations that must be made when determining the correct location for your practice when it comes to population density.

10/13/2021 – Playing Hooky or Malaise

Have you noticed that your employees aren’t working with the same enthusiasm as they used to and should? If you have noticed this, then it might surprise you to know that you’re not alone in this situation. Why is this happening and how long will it last? In this lecture video, Scott McDonald takes the time to answer these questions.

10/06/2021 – The Empty Quarter

Business location is crucial for both starting a fresh business, or moving your establishment. At Dr. Demographics we provide valuable information tips to help you decide which kind of location will suit your business needs, as well as things you need to take into consideration when searching for the right spot. In this video, Scott McDonald discusses the trends that are causing certain areas to grow as well as progress and explains how to use the empty quarter to your advantage so you can have the most success in your business location.

9/29/2021 – California Redistricting

In this video, Scott Mcdonald talks about the demographic trends of California. Even if you aren’t thinking about moving your practice to California, it’s really important to understand the demographic trends going on there. This knowledge can be valuable because many of those trends are also happening in other places that could be beneficial to your business. For this reason, Scott explains the details of these trends while using California as an example, so you can know how to properly evaluate a location for your business that will be best for your practice.

9/22/2021 – Living Alone

Aren’t you fascinated by the changes happening right now? The baby boom generation is retiring, leading to big structural changes in the health care system. But there are at least two other demographic trends that are affecting people’s lives on a more everyday basis. Those are on the number of people living alone and on declines in certain kinds of health care costs associated with treating people who live together. In this episode, Scott talks about these demographics issues that most people are not talking about.

9/15/2021 – Harnessing The Power of Demographics for Your Practice

Have you ever gotten a demographic report and have no idea what all the information in it means or know how to apply it to the success of your business? If you feel this way then this video is for you. In this webinar, Mike Green discusses how to harness the power of demographics for your practice. To explain this, Mike talks about the key demographics for doctors and explains them in detail with examples so you’ll have the best understanding of this concept. These demographics will help you know how to understand the data you’re given in a report and how to use this information as a key to your success in your practice.

9/01/2021 – The Great Reshuffle

In this video, Scott McDonald discusses which doctors in which areas are going to recover the fastest from the pandemic and what areas would be best for more doctors to move into from a demographic point of view. Scott explains the demographics of people moving out of their state and the political and demographic influence they have on other states. He also explains how those actions might influence whether a doctor should move their practice to certain states or not. There are many political factors that Scott goes over that should be considered when you’re thinking of moving your practice to a new area, so if you’re wondering what to consider when moving your practice then this video is for you.

8/25/2021 – Immigrant Impact on Doctors

In this video, Scott McDonald explains what you should understand about immigration to be able to use it to your advantage in your practice. To help explain this, Scott discusses the recent immigration rates in America since the pandemic. Scott also explains how to pick an immigrant population that best suits your business and your practice, and what you should know about the culture and the people. Scott then concludes the video by explaining what media you should use to connect with the immigrants.

5/11/2021 – Demographics of Partnership

In this video, Scott McDonald talks about choosing the best partner for your practice. Many people may not know this, but having the right partner can be extremely beneficial for your business. Scott explains what you should want and not want from a partner, and how to get the right partner. After you watch this video, you’ll know how to pick the best and most beneficial partner for you and your business.

5/18/2021 – Factors for Practice Potential

In this video, Scott McDonald talks about the factors in a location that makes it a good or bad location for your practice. There are many locations that can seem potentially great and beneficial for your business, but to truly know if it is the right place you have to understand all of the good and negative aspects of it. If you want to learn the real factors for practice potential and the leading factors for practice potential then watch this video and listen as Scott discusses these things in detail.

6/01/2021 – Heartland

Have you ever wondered if there are any sites left for you to move your business to, that will still be beneficial to your business? Well, in this video, Scott addresses just that and how to look for the right location even when it seems like there aren’t any beneficial ones. There are multiple aspects that go into choosing the right location especially when it seems like there aren’t many, but don’t worry, Doctor Demographics is there to help you so you can move to the best location for your practice and receive the most benefits.

6/08/2021 – Progressives and Demographics

Scott McDonald talks about the relationship politics has with potential locations for the healthcare business. There are many locations that could potentially be very beneficial for your practice, but before you pick a location you have to understand the progressive politics in that area to really be able to decide whether that location is good for your business or not. So for this video, Scott addresses the political information that should be known when picking a location and how to understand it.

6/15/2021 – Entrepreneurial Reset

In this video, Scott McDonald talks about some of the most important factors in selecting a location for your practice. This video is directed towards anyone who is working as a doctor, dentist, or anyone in the healthcare business who is wanting to move their business to a new location. There are many doctors out there who are looking to start their own healthcare business, and that trend is becoming more and more popular, but they don’t understand all the factors of that process. So, if you’re not sure what you absolutely need to know when you’re looking for the best location for you’re practice, then this video is for you.

6/22/2021 – Birthrates, Suburbs, and Best Places to Practice

In this video, Scott McDonald talks about where the best place is to practice according to suburbs and birth rates. These are both really important topics that should be considered in an area when evaluating a location. Scott goes into detail on these topics and how they affect the area they are in from a demographic point of view. If you’re not quite sure how to evaluate a location while considering suburbs and birth rates then this video is for you.

6/29/2021 – Multi-Generation

One of the most important factors in starting a healthcare business is knowing and understanding the population as well as being able to motivate the people in your area to come to you. To help you understand this, Scott McDonald talks about multi-generation homes and how that should be considered in the area your business and practice are in. If you don’t know how to understand the population and multi-generation homes in your business location then this video is for you.

7/13/2021 – Weather and Demographics

In this video, Scott talks about the factor of weather when choosing a potential location for your practice. Most healthcare workers who are looking for a location for their practice don’t consider the weather as a needed factor when it is actually a very important aspect of the location process. Scott addresses how to understand the weather from a demographic point of view and how to pick the best location for your business using this understanding.

7/20/2021 – California Exodus

In this video, Scott McDonald talks about how to know where to go for your practice and where you shouldn’t go. Scott uses California as an example of what to look for in a state that could potentially be bad for your business. Being a Californian himself, Scott is well informed of the demographic declines of the state. Scott talks about the early signs of decline in a state and how to recognize them when looking for a location.

7/27/2021 – Unemployment and Practice Sites

In this video, Scott McDonald talks about picking and choosing a site for your practice using factors other than growth and money. There are many doctors who only consider the growth and money factors when evaluating or choosing a site for their work, but there are many other factors that need to be considered as well. Scott goes over the other important factors that should be considered and how to consider them. If you want to know how to evaluate and choose a site that contains the most benefits for your business, then this video is for you.

8/03/2021 – Worthy

In this video, Scott McDonald talks about the success in health care from a demographic point of view. He talks all about the different factors of working in the healthcare field, and which of those factors should matter the most. Scott also talks about the different risks and harsh realities of working in healthcare as an employee and as a business owner, and how to determine if you’re going to be profitable and happy working in your healthcare profession. Scott also explains how to choose the best location for your practice by calculating educated risks that will help you have a more proficient business.

8/17/2021 – Race In The News

In this video, Scott McDonald discusses the best way to pick the location you should work in from a demographic point of view. To better explain this, Scott talks about the recent News topics that regard demographics and how they apply to different locations. Scott also explains the different factors you should consider for your location. He then explains the definitions and differences of race and ethnicity and how to best understand them to pick your location. If you are a doctor and you don’t know how to pick the best location for your practice then this video is for you.

5/04/2021 – They Went That Away

Are your patients moving out of town and away from your practice and you don’t know where they are going or why they are leaving? In this video, Scott McDonald talks about why people are leaving certain locations and how to know where they are going to go. With this information, you’ll be able to anticipate the next best location for your practice with the best potential patients.

4/07/2021 – Marketing Report

In this video, Scott McDonald explains how to properly market your practice. There are many doctors and business owners that claim they know how to market their business correctly. However, most of them don’t know how to market in a way that is going to be most beneficial for them or their business. If you watch this video, you’ll be able to market your practice properly and enjoy the many benefits that will follow.

12/01/2020 – 2021 Kiss of Death Locations

Another exciting video about lessons learned from our recent road trip.

11/17/2020 – 2021 Places with Promise for Professional Practice

Another exciting video about lessons learned from our recent road trip.

11/10/2020 – Unvarnished Truth: Demographer vs. Broker Perspectives

Another exciting video about lessons learned from our recent road trip.

11/4/2020 – What if They Win?

Another exciting video about lessons learned from our recent road trip.

10/6/2020 – Competition Analysis

Another exciting video about lessons learned from our recent road trip.

10/13/2020 – Automated Marketing for Professional Practices

Another exciting video about lessons learned from our recent road trip.

10/27/2020 – Arizona Shifts

Another exciting video about lessons learned from our recent road trip.

9/29/2020 – Double Dog Dare You!

Another exciting video about lessons learned from our recent road trip.

9/22/2020 – Demographic Warfare

Another exciting video about lessons learned from our recent road trip.

9/15/2020 – What if They Win?

Another exciting video about lessons learned from our recent road trip.

9/1/2020 – No Where Ville –

Another exciting video about lessons learned from our recent road trip.

8/30/2020 – Bigotry of Dentistry

Another exciting video about lessons learned from our recent road trip.

8/18/2020 – Lessons Learned From Our 2020 Road Trip

Another exciting video about lessons learned from our recent road trip.

7/28/2020 – My Neighborhood: Love It or Leave It!

This video is about My Neighborhood: Love It or Leave It!

7/21/2020 – Getting Personal

Another great video from Doctor Demographics. Check it out!

7/07/2020 – Toxic Snobbery

Toxic Snobbery ends up costing Doctors thousands (and sometimes millions) over the course of their career. Check out this latest video from Doctor Demographics.

6/30/2020 – New Virtual Locations for Doctor Offices

This video is about New Virtual Locations for Doctor Offices.

6/23/2020 – Gut Check 2:35 AM

Its the middle of the night, 2:35 AM to be exact, and your mind is racing. Here are Scott’s thoughts on what you should be thinking about and what you may want to be considering for the future of your practice.

6/16/2020 – Retail Space or Professional Plaza?

Retail Space or Professional Plaza? The debate rages on. Scott gives his .02 on the topic in this episode of the weekly webinar

6/9/2020 – Key Disinvestment and Investment Events

Determining the best place to practice depends upon more than competition ratios and growth projections.  The perception of how people think about a location matters as well.  And that is what demographers call “Disinvestment Events.”  Given recent news, this may matter more and more.

6/2/2020 – Civil Unrest, Crime, and Site Selection

Another exciting episode from Scott McDonald and key Demographic trends that you need to know for your practice.

5/26/2020 – Healthcare Tourism & Places to Practice

Another exciting episode from Scott McDonald and key Demographic trends that you need to know for your practice.

5/20/2020 – What’s Next? What is the future of professional practice and its next crisis?

Another exciting episode from Scott McDonald and key Demographic trends that you need to know for your practice.

5/12/2020 – Inequalities & Opportunities for Practices

Another exciting episode from Scott McDonald and key Demographic trends that you need to know for your practice.

5/5/2020 – Top Post Pandemic Sites for Practice

Another exciting episode from Scott McDonald and key Demographic trends that you need to know for your practice.

4/28/2020 – What if you were allowed to open soon?

In this episode, Scott explores the challenges you may face if you are to open your practice soon after the COVID-19 pandemic. It may be more challenging than you may be thinking.

4/23/2020 – Risks and Research

In this episode, Scott goes over what you should be doing while you are in ‘down-time’ during the COVID-19 shutdown.

4/9/2020 – The Next Big Thing in Practice Locations

In this episode, Scott explores the next big things you should be aware of when picking a practice location.

3/24/2020 – Site Planning, Predictions, and a Special Offer

In this episode, Scott looks at the top things you need to be planning for when considering practice placement. He also makes a few predictions of what the future may hold and provides a special offer.

3/19/2020 – Demographics vs. Public Relations

In this episode, Scott explores both the partnership and the conflict between demographics and public relations for professional practice.

3/11/2020 – Generational Demographics

In this episode, Scott explains the importance of generational demographics when developing your practice placement and marketing strategy.

11/05/2019 – “Yeah, but…” Locations

On episode, Scott reviews “yeah, but…” locations for you to consider for professional practice setup.

10/29/2019 – Washington DC Area

On episode, Scott reviews the Washington DC area for setting up your professional practice.

10/22/2019 – The Perfect Offer

On episode, Mike Green discusses the importance of creating the right offer for your practice. Whether you’re a general doctor or a specialist, this episode will give you excellent actionable data.

10/15/2019 – Los Angeles Area

On episode, Scott reviews the Los Angeles area for setting up your professional practice.

10/08/2019 – Chicagoland

On episode, Scott reviews Chicagoland and its pros and cons for professional practice. Chicagoland has some very unique challenges that you’ll want to be aware of before you set up or purchase a practice in this area.

10/01/2019 – Practicing in New York City / Leveraging Your Community

One of the greatest challenges for those considering where to put a practice, opening in New York City is definitely one. This is a “must watch” episode.

For marketing, Mike discusses how to leverage your local community to aid in your practice success.

9/24/2019 – Practicing in Seattle Area / Competition Battle Plan

Seattle is a challenging area for many practice owners. On this episode, Scott discusses the hidden gems of the greater Seattle area for your practice setup.

Mike discusses how to setup your competition battle plan when practicing in a busy area like Greater Seattle.