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1/7/2020 – Demographic Civil War

Another exciting episode from Scott McDonald and key Demographic trends that you need to know for your practice.

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11/05/2019 – “Yeah, but…” Locations

On episode, Scott reviews “yeah, but…” locations for you to consider for professional practice setup.

10/29/2019 – Washington DC Area

On episode, Scott reviews the Washington DC area for setting up your professional practice.

10/22/2019 – The Perfect Offer

On episode, Mike Green discusses the importance of creating the right offer for your practice. Whether you’re a general doctor or a specialist, this episode will give you excellent actionable data.

10/15/2019 – Los Angeles Area

On episode, Scott reviews the Los Angeles area for setting up your professional practice.

10/08/2019 – Chicagoland

On episode, Scott reviews Chicagoland and its pros and cons for professional practice. Chicagoland has some very unique challenges that you’ll want to be aware of before you set up or purchase a practice in this area.

10/01/2019 – Practicing in New York City / Leveraging Your Community

One of the greatest challenges for those considering where to put a practice, opening in New York City is definitely one. This is a “must watch” episode.

For marketing, Mike discusses how to leverage your local community to aid in your practice success.

9/24/2019 – Practicing in Seattle Area / Competition Battle Plan

Seattle is a challenging area for many practice owners. On this episode, Scott discusses the hidden gems of the greater Seattle area for your practice setup.

Mike discusses how to setup your competition battle plan when practicing in a busy area like Greater Seattle.