[Webinar] The Single Doctor – 2019 Marketing Item Review


Woes of Single Doctors and Practice Locations

Hello, Everybody. I want to welcome you to our weekly webinar. 

Today’s topic frankly is going to shock you!  While it may not REALLY shock you, but I hope you find it interesting. You know our job is to find the perfect place to practice with people, and so will look at demographic characteristics of the population out there at large. You know: things like growth and income, educational attainment are very important; competition ratio as we talk about that. But today we will talk about one of the binary things that will really determine whether or not your site is right for you or not.

Not surprisingly, when I say a “binary choice of people”, although I means whether you are married or not. The thing about being married is kind of funny because we will often will make a good place for you to practice or a bad place for you to practice, a “place with promise” or not. Gary, Indiana is one example of the site in which it’s just large enough to say is it “big enough” for a single person to move to or not. Peoria, Illinois is another one that we often talk about. I have about hundred thousand, primarily married people. It’s a little bit rural. It’s south of Springfield, Illinois not too far on the south. The west of the site, but we was at that question is a Peoria, another point of view is why this is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. It is because some people when we will recommend a place to go, will come to know, if that’s really a place to go. Remember that is something we do. We recommend where go; places to practice locations that are to be viable to live and to practice. and very often that is tied to your marital status. So let me share my screen and explain just a little bit why that might be the case now.

There are a few trends that are happening right now that are making it so that some locations are good, some locations or bad, but they’re getting worse for some people and better for others. On each point about what we are calling was the “Woes of the Single Doctor.” Your marital status will affect the places that you will consider practicing. He may say “Well I just want to go to a place that I can make a lot of money; that I could do good services to my patients; that I want to be able to have a nice place to live.” And why not, what is the problem is there’s this whole bunch of things that make some places better than others. Let me explain why this is happening now.

Back when I first started consulting in healthcare, the male-to-female Doctor. Ratio. There may be may be about 20% of females (professionals) were doctors that the vast majority are male. It happened that women tend to make inroads in that. Considering that to be a good place to go to one of I want to practice. Ultimately you have to keep in mind, back in 1980. The average age for men to marry was about 24.7 years old, and it was like that. By the way, for 30 or 40 years before it was about the same. Everybody got married about that age. But in the last few years. As of now, the delayed marital age is 29.8 years of age. Unfortunately, the age that you get married, and the age that you graduate from medical or dental school of your professional training is about the same as it’s always been. That what this ultimately means is that it’s time in the ancient things you used to be able to get married as an undergraduate a lot of people that many, many doctors would graduate from medical or dental’s programs with at least one child very often to right now that is happening is not happening because people are delaying marriage, but they’re also delaying the age in which they have children and that creates an inherent difficulty that nobody contemplated back in the 80s. It is that when you moved to a location. You gotta bring with you a social life that some people say what you know just going to a big city is going to be the answer to all my issues not so much and I’ll bring this up again in a minute. One of the big helps. That existed before that doesn’t exist now is religion usually everybody. The vast majority people what the church are affiliated in some way with the congregation or a religion with out less and less religiosity and that’s the term the demographers use. It means that that social safety net that introduction the people doesn’t exist anymore and so people go well. I can always go to a bar and of course we all know how successful your social life will be. If you depend upon going to a place where people get loaded are now criticizing am simply saying it’s so as people get older and they’re starting to look around. But there’s single they have to consider the place that they’re looking as being a manifestation of their social life. When you are of Mary and you have one child moving to Peoria of moving to well any smallish town under 100,000 was still seen as reasonable, but now it’s not so much because those Friday and Saturday nights can get all are lonely. If there is no one to date, but it’s not just that, so I do a couple little factoids to Dr. couple is becoming the norm. Now you may say you will war I is that all talk about it just a second, but we find a disproportionately larger and larger number of doctors are wanting to marry somebody else who has an equal education even though it may not be within the same type of practice so you don’t necessarily have two positions marrying one may be an endocrinologist but may be a surgeon of some kind, but they kind of are gravitating for people with people education and of view on of their careers. Now, ultimately when this happens, a couple of facts that occur one is both partners have more debt because it is more expensive now to come out of a training program vastly in that and when it’s not just one Dr. it’s so and you gotta reconcile that that both of you have to consider. We gotta have gainful employment. No matter where we go, and it isn’t necessarily going to be possible for you to practice with your spouse. Now, ultimately having two people who are trying to run a full-time career, specifically in healthcare there are big complications in family management that I bring that up because you see it’s not just a matter of coming out of medical or dental school. You often have to have a residency of some kind of an internship that you will wear your selling your soul to somebody else is going to manage your time and they may not be very nice about, so the pressures upon young families is greater than ever. Particularly if they happen to have kids at the time in their lives were previously they didn’t have kids. This maintenance heavy lifting. Now, ultimately, both of these partners want a career, not the book the Bell curve kinda points out the people who are well educated and very intelligent want to be with other people who are well educated and intelligent. There was a time in which he would marry the pretty girl who happened to be in your small town and it didn’t matter what her professional aspirations work she wanted to be a mom just like her mother but you see, that doesn’t happen quite as often as we are often living without a support network of your family. So with that in mind, the belter suggested this is a truism that people want to marry someone who’s like that and their meeting people to date based upon their professional education. The other thing is, children are a huge complications now Harris got a and as a demographer. This is not kidding around. It’s important. You can’t put off having children forever. I don’t care what cosmopolitan or vote will tell you. Typically there is a biological clock and I’m not getting your fertility rate will tend to go down as you age. I’m talking specifically about women, but there is kind of a complication with men to who don’t necessarily think that they are ready for fatherhood and a younger age so children are complication plots. Children are a desire that is vast and it goes through all humanity. Now Mike is children. I have five kids and grandkids looking to tell you something. One of the most wonderful thing you can ever do in your life is have a child it’s worth huge sacrifices. The difference between one child and two children is vast is that Mike will talk later okay anyway, the point is, there are some things that are changing that you should be aware of the decline of social institutions, especially religion is putting a block in many people’s way. But there is more to it than that. There is a social stigma against marriage and parenthood, particularly when you’re young you know I need to do vaguely need to travel. We need to put it off what’s the rush, while the rush is physiologically and psychologically are often being set up to want to be married and want to have children. But it’s happening now, and at times it is exceptionally inconvenient. There’s also think where your friends are going to say you’re crazy, but wanted so in fact delayed maturity is an issue and many people and very smart. Publications are saying you don’t become a full adult to you between 38 and 39 okay but that also changes a lot of things biological biology hasn’t really changed the biological clock again and it’s it’s not changing its clock. We still have those imperatives desires. Now what are you something about this as I got kids were that age single and married though they’re looking around and think of you as you am I gonna do, and they tend to be between 22 and 38. That’s my age range for the my kids. I want you to remember something, however, that I don’t want you to ever forget as a demographer. I know this to be true nature’s natural there are times in which are going to feel impulses to do something and you’re going to keep telling yourself. No no no no, but it’s also true that that is a path to unhappiness. I am not your dad. I’m not your grandparent. I know that but I’m just telling you. Don’t be surprised if you decide to pull the trigger on this and everybody will disapprove I’m saying you’re not a race. Nobody else gets to make those decisions but you are not now. It can be done not to tell you there is a propensity to start your career in a city with a larger population. A bigger dating pool if you will opportunity to do stuff you had bought before. That is why a lot of people are starting the corridors and larger towns. Not smart. Ironically, those of you who happened to be married and have kids will usually have more options in places that you can practice not feel and that’s because the stability your background is better for that purpose. Now I’m gonna strongly recommend that you get involved socially and at a younger age than most people will say is a good idea. In short, I want you to take seriously. I don’t, but as a demographer and the person who helps people figure out where to practice and how to be successful. I would go against everybody else in the field and tell you guys. It’s a good idea to get serious about your social life while you’re still in school and that involves also your undergraduate years. I know other people are in it is a great time now. I also want to do this. Number three only have a little faith in yourself and in others around you. Believe it or not people are resilient. They can do a lot of things, yet is somehow thing on my guys get his arguments. Now they are, but you know they’re not very expensive, particularly at start yet and as they get to be adults, college students, whatever their expense. So, but also units and in every way. I’m so grateful I didn’t the way one more year from now you know they want to tell you again, this runs counter to the politically correct crowd. I know that but I want you to be socially active in your school get to be a part of the leadership in your class. Get to know people at church shahada religion and become fully active in the same thing is true of service organizations is the Rotary really just old people about the Kiwanis. What about the Masons. What about whatever I’m to suggest to become socially active and that includes your double society get to be involved in that group because it can help you in the long run to settle down in a community that may not be as big as what you might want, otherwise that’s what makes sense. Also watched remember. Doctors have never really been normal the age of marriage is almost always older and always has been ordered when you have to go through all this training I get I want you to be prudent, as most doctors are. But like I said I cannot to the third item have little faith in yourself that if you feel something to be true. And it’s logical, double back, especially not because of fear. And remember, life is not a race with finish line. Okay, that that is not the purpose of life. You won’t do better. And by the way, one of the questions I often get from doctors is other people who are in my age range are they can better than me who cares doesn’t matter now. Still in running that discount double Nickels so you can get a discount on our service. Now Mike giving about half the truck and I now had I fell. I have sat through like a therapy session or something or some kind of like counseling through school or something that the wise old man comes in at the in account shares and imparts his wisdom. So thank you for that but what I need to send it’s experienced as much as research that is told me that this is not all the in of just old wives that’s just you preach and not fight to get it out of my kids love it when I preach out of Charlotte. I’m sure they do know well, now that we’ve not yet had that experience with you Sharon that important stuff Scott I’m going to share something as well known as looks a little different here in my share screen but I’m going to share my PowerPoint. Let’s see how this works out here Scott, are you saying what I are you seemed okay for good marketing trends update 2000 and you know so those of you that are longtime watchers is out II did say this is Scott. Before did celebrate 20 years of marriage, and I do have three kids as well and so I endorse everything you said Scott wasn’t with disparaging anything you said is all true. Now onto marketing trends. Now for those of you longtime watchers you say wait a second. Mike, we’ve gone over this topic before, and yes every year at the beginning of the year I go through what the new trends are for the next year and for you to be ready and make sure that you’re doing things your practice that are going to be. You get the most length out of the year, but something else I do every year is about the center point of the year, which is where were about that right now, and I chose this week because kids are getting out of school and summer starting and many of you are looking at your summer vacations or maybe your patients are looking at their summer vacations and summer is going to come on strong and is going to be over in order to be right in the fall. Before you know it. And so this is the thing that I want to go or stay because most of you frankly are probably not doing some of these things and so I want to review some of these things that talk about the marketing transfer 2019. Just to make sure that you are on the right path because most of you frankly are probably busted the things that you’re not doing and you’re just doing things you’ve always done probably getting the same results you’ve always been so let’s go over these again real quick just to make sure and again have a personal best for you to make sure that you’re on the right path with your practice. So again we went over Dr. visibility personality marking personality marketing is becoming the absolute norm again for for many competitive berries and frankly noncompetitive various going to stay competitive and not necessarily meaning that there’s another doctor around the corner or prostrate what I’m talking about is competition for people’s attention is the competition. The really talking about at this stage because all of us have a certain amount of capital they’re willing to invest in indivisibility into our attention and and everybody every type of businesses competing for that attention. Whether it’s Walmart or Target or Apple or Amazon or the local Dennis tracked down the court down the street for all competing for that attention and the ones that usually get are the ones that is that that deploy some personality into their marketing and so you might be thinking as a doctor. I have a hard time putting my personality into the marketing that I’m doing that I’m telling you this is absolutely a critical thing and change that from the static marketing that we did years ago in the Yellow Pages and whatnot you got a picture personality into the market. Now this also applies to specialists is not just for general general practices, especially a pediatric dentist orthodontist and so those that do really really talk directly with the public and are going to be reliant on that long-term relationship that there would be building with the patient’s it’s becomes very, very important. So just because you are not a general doctor does not mean that you don’t have to do some personality market because again it’s because of what’s out there and what is getting the attention of the patient’s past what they’re expecting. They’re expecting to see that these this type of marketing is that happened because it’s her they’re getting it from all different sources, especially if your patients are letting older generation see these people have grown up with personality. Marketing is you got to make sure that that’s pretty emerging to help. Let’s be honest that everybody has a super colorful personality on that that is true then maybe you do have a call colorful personality you have a difficult time knowing that your marketing maybe your eye from another country may be struggle with with English, just as a second language is so at those times you have to then look at alternative and higher what I call a rainmaker. Sometimes you have to hire that person is going to be the personality and your practice. Instead of you being that primary personality. Again, there is some risk with low because of person ends up leaving you bill the entire practice on their personality that you get some challenges so Dr. visibility. How are you doing have you put your personality into your into your marketing so far in the first half of this year have you done those things make those changes and are using the results. If you haven’t done that yet. Let me encourage you that for the second half of the year. In the summers a perfect time to start out to start deploying your personality or the personality of a rainmaker into your practice of you don’t know how to do that, then you need to get a hold of me so we can walk through it for your practice. So the second thing in a way that you can do this really is live video is almost every single social media format has some kind of live video function you can do it really just like this webinar. We understand that not everybody, yet this webinar we appreciate those of you that do make the sacrifice of your life that is only moderate people attend live or not, it’s the raw nature of these type of presentations that hit people at a deeper emotional level and that is why live video is a great way to do it. So depending on your patient base. You might go live on Facebook and Michael live on Instagram your article on YouTube. There’s always different ways or you might do something like this and doing a webinar have people attend again depending on the different type of patients that you’re trying to attract and how they’re going to interact with you as a doctor and frankly a live event also is something that you can do again depending on the patient base, especially for prosthodontics and some of those others that are looking at an older population or old older patient base a lot of times going to senior centers and whatnot making a live presentation can have a huge impact on your new patient numbers for the month. Now the great thing about what I visit lives on forever. These webinars we do, we continue to get great residual results from people that stumble on. That’s why podcasts are popular, possibly some apartments, but you do it you put the work in and you recorded it’s going to continue to live on forever to get what is Facebook or YouTube or whatever the people have the ability to bump into you is are doing the searches and so it’s really a strong very profitable method method of advertising because you can get your face in front of people that you actually had to be there every time they see it now. Another aspect especially were talking about social media’s chat advertising is to get his marketing two point know many of you may be saying hey, I didn’t understand we are having a chat advertising in last December. I don’t know that on June let me just tell you that advertising is fantastic because you can look up the box to the work for you. This is a fantastic way to give people an opportunity to communicate with you. Is there already spreading it on the social networks. How are you doing have you deployed some kind of Facebook chat of automation with lots have you done that you and for your practice. If you haven’t, especially if you’re taking online appointments and you’re not doing this and you’re probably being super super ineffective with your advertising so I get these important key trends. The cool thing about chat advertising to be limited before seven which is pretty amazing. The ones we talked about is video advertising. It is pretty crazy to me that doctors are doing more video advertising, especially because there’s so much time being spent by your patients. Watching video, and whether that’s YouTube or Facebook or or what people are spending time consuming video because it’s easier to consume there so paying big money to companies to provide these blog posts whenever he did he hit nobody’s reading the blog posts nobody’s really to sit down while very few people are gonna sit down and read a lengthy blog post when they can just watch the video to consume the information that way if your practice is not deployed some kind of video advertising for your practice to help you spread your message and and and the and share your offer. If you haven’t done that then you’re probably being really inefficient, especially with your money is to be video can be very very cost-efficient at this time, way more than it’s ever been before. Mostly because we all have these amazing video cameras right in our pockets right now all that out. Learn how to use the video function. Get yourself a little tripod start shooting video, you will be amazed how much better connection will have with your patient base. When you do it and it’s super super cost-effective and often times is completely free of this one may seem obvious but still amazed it’s it’s incredible to me that every single week when I go through and I do some evaluation for doctors practice still see that they’re not utilizing social media that is made welcome to the 2012 the social media’s been around long enough that that you as a doctor if you haven’t enter that world, yet you were so far behind on. It’s not hard it’s not difficult to get into that world don’t have to make sure you have the right strategy and you know you’re doing, but social media needs to be an active part about what you do and communicating your message. This does not just apply to general dentists to supply specialists as well. One of the great ways that you can remind you advertising and social media is utilizing social stories. Facebook instruments that again depending on who you’re trying to talk to if you’re talking to older generations habitat is not perfect place for you, but if you’re honest your pediatric estate, if your gentleman is going after families. That’s one of the great ways and places that you can communicate with your patients are you doing it yet. If you haven’t done it yet you’re behind the curve you need to get on your social media advertising utilizing social stories last one is again Google AdWords and Facebook and distribute them as if you did not enter that world. Yet, why have you not called me why have we not have this conversation help you get those deployed because you will get patients if you deploy those so if you’re struggling with patience and you have not done this week. Keep relying on radio Yellow Pages and all these things you’re wasting money and you’re not being efficient because it does not have people are buying things in 2019 we go back to more time the money if you have more money than if you have more money than any need to get a marketing report from Dr. demographics need to know and understand your market. You need to order a telephone puzzle if you got marketing questions. We do marketing consultations Dr. demographics. All you have to do is call the website order one and we can go through your execution plans you’re at work happens. We can offer those services well as being first marketing director if you have more time, the money if your new practice and you work for a doctor still in school and you’d really like to understand marketing we offer. Article marketing ministry process to go to the website and click the marketing tab and you can read more about marketing ministry but bottom line, if you have marketing questions. We have the answers. Check side of the practice insiders you can email me and make it better for the missed demographics.com without great resources that can provide the answers for you frankly seem to trouble so many doctors and hard thing is they just can’t get started. So if you need help getting started is to reach out. We can help you prioritize it help you get things in place or can have the biggest and most of the strongest impact on your practice. Thank you. Look, I just want to remind everybody the double Nickels applies to the marketing stuff that we do so happy, so it is a way to save some money and let’s face it is real cash, and it is there is no long-term commitment to work with us. Now let me just start off by saying I apologize for anybody that I’ve offended today about their topic because there’s something about you is that all got tell you how funny that he and his mother to say but the point is, most of what were talking about both Mike and I in our topics will require you dealing with us on your particular case we can talk about guidelines and rules and statistics all day long but often require just getting one line to talk to us and it’s not very and there’s a big discount right now to do it, so by all means don’t delete ends. I think Friday and ends this week and we always get people like the next day the say hey can I get on there and now get it done by Friday to getting it done by the time it ends this week and extend the poet everybody and try to get everybody matter of the are in place. Also, for those of you are being kind enough to tell your friends and neighbors about us. We had a spectacular weekend in which people did the kind of avenge on our webinars and that our podcasts I’m so proud of, but I want you to be lifted out so can you guys get on the ball anyway. Everybody, thank you so much for being with us supporting us and we look forward to talking to you next week. Take care