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perfect place to practice

For more than 30 years, doctor demographics has helped dentists, medical doctors, VETERINARIANS, and optometrists find the perfect place to practice

Having trouble finding the perfect place to practice?

We wrote the book (literally) on demographic studies for doctors. Yes, many have tried to duplicate our methods, but only Doctor Demographics has the experience to help you place your professional practice

Our innovative demographic reports help doctors and consultants at every stage of the research process. From students looking years ahead to their first practice to seasoned doctors who are adding additional practices to their portfolio.

Key Benefits of Our Demographic Reports

  • Each demographic report is researched and hand-written by our experienced team of demographers who specialize in Dental/Medical/Veterinary/Optometric fields

  • Each report includes a live one-on-one followup consultation with our head demographer to review your findings and answer questions

  • Our team has thousands (many times over) reports under their belt. Nearly every street in America has been analyzed and studied.

  • We're not afraid to tell you bad news (and excited to tell you good news!). We call it as we see it to help you make the best decision possible.

Stop Worrying About Your Practice’s Future & Start Growing It with Confidence

Our reports will give you the confidence needed to make a strong decision based on facts rather than assumptions. We believe a great strategy (marketing and otherwise) is key to making your professional practice successful.

Our Most Popular Demographic Reports

Best Sites Report

The Best Sites Report is a combination between a Report and a Consultation. It will take the geographic area YOU define (up to 5 Counties in the same State) and the priorities that are important to YOU.

Site Viability Report

Most often this Report is used to determine practice viability before you risk your money or a paper is signed. This is often used as part of an SBA package. The Report will break down 14 CONTIGUOUS Zip Codes as well as 5-, 10-, and 15-minute drive-time radii.

Marketing Report

This is a research-based tool to help practices promote their practices cost-efficiently. It is NOT a pre-fabricated package of standard-issue tools. It is an in-depth analysis of the practice’s current or proposed brand, current or proposed marketing tools, competition, and clinical offerings.

Telephone Consultation

Get Immediate help with your practice placement, marketing, and other challenging situations.

Our Leadership

Scott McDonald

"Demographics is more than just facts and figures. It is the foundational story in which we develop the right strategy and plan to create successful practices over the long-term. Markets change, economies fluctuate, and internal goals differ. Our goal at Doctor Demographics is to provide you with not just the data, but experienced analysis to help you create the practice you've always dreamed of having."

Scott McDonald

Founder - Doctor Demographics

Mike Green

"Coming from a marketing background, demographics and psychographics are the foundation that all successful practice strategies are built. Knowing how to use that data in the implementation process of a practice is the difference between an average (or failing) practice and a successful practice in the same area. We've done thousands of studies over the years and have helped doctors find, establish, and market in nearly every state and situation"

Mike Green

Owner - Doctor Demographics

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