Best Sites Report

Best Sites Report Features:

Report Price: $795

  • Up to 5 Counties in a Specific State

  • 5 Zip code with cross street recommendations

  • Perfect for the early site selection process

  • Includes general demographic and referral/competition data

  • Includes 20-minute live phone call with analyst

Best Sites Report Description

This is really a combination between a Report and a Consultation. It will take the geographic area YOU define (up to 5 Counties in the same State) and the priorities that YOU state.

PLEASE: If you have a “covenant not to compete” or an area of exclusion, you MUST state this up front!

ALSO: If you want special emphasis or examination in one area or site, SAY SO up front!

The analyst will provide a written report of locations with the 5 Best Sites in the area-of-study. It will come by E-Mail. A 20-minute telephone consultation is included in the price of the order. You don’t have to do this consultation if you don’t want to do so. This is the option of many Clients. But you should know that if you choose a location with poor potential or limited favorable options, we can only reflect the Best Sites we can find.

Not all Counties or Zip Codes will be reflected in the Report, just the best five locations. For example, if you want to cover 5 Counties, it might be that the top locations will be in the SAME County (it happens). The locations can be ranked but you must make the request at the time of ordering according to some demographic factor (such as income or growth). Some locations are included because of one criterion but not all. If something is especially important, we want to know.

What We Need to Know:

  • State

  • Up to 5 Counties

  • Type of Practice

  • Circumstances (New or Scratch, Purchase or Existing, Move from Existing Location, Main or Satellite or Second)

Note: We do not track insurance offered or accepted in the region.

Our Leadership

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