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Terms of Service

The Reports and Analysis (including Conclusions and Recommendations) have been created solely for the customers of Scott McDonald & Associates, Inc. and Doctor Demographics, LLC.  The manner in which the Services are to be performed and the specific time worked to perform these services is determine by Scott McDonald and Doctor Demographics, LLC.  Payment for these services are posted on the web site: or are provided in a “quote” by the companies.  Payment of these services implies that the client accepts these conditions.

What follows has been created for the client alone and should not be reproduced for any other doctor, practice or business entity.  Data has been purchased from EASI Demographic Systems and EBIS-ESRI Data, Delorme Inc. and DeLorme Mapping (and other resource providers) on behalf of the Client and analyzed by Scott McDonald & Associates.  Their copyrights are in full-effect. Publication of this data for parties other than for the private use of the client is a violation of copyright laws of the United States of America.  The analysis and recommendations in this report are the product of Scott McDonald & Associates, Inc. and DoctorDemographics, LLC but we can not be held responsible for the actions taken by a client based upon this information. Analysis of a business property is valid only for the purposes for which this report was created, which is to provide insights into the value and potential of a particular site and to provide the client with information relating to practice of the type outlined in the Reports.

Locations that are misreported or misidentified at the time of ordering can be corrected at an additional cost to the client.

Labels of doctors and practices should not be considered a database.  There may be errors in these specific labels due to the fact that no data base can take into account changes that occur on a daily basis within practice communities.  Some information may be out-of-date, imcompete or misplaced.  We attempt to obtain the most recent and accurate information possible but make no representation that our data bases are “perfect”.  We only warrant that it is within a professional standard (which often means within 24 months and 50 yards).

It might be asked “How recent is the data?”  The answer is “As recent as we can get it.”  The U.S. Census Bureau, Counties, Cities, and other State and Federal agencies as well as data vendors such as ESRI publish data at odd times.  We purchase this data as soon as it is available.  Please be aware that conflicts in data are inevitable.  For example, a city will define its own area differently from the Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Post Office.  For that reason, the number of people living in a Post Office Zip Code that has a corresponding community name may be different from the community name.  Hence, Van Nuys, CA may appear to have a different population when its Zip Codes are considered as opposed to figures from the Van Nuys Chamber of Commerce or the Van NuysCity Hall.  What is important to note is that the figures in this report are consistent throughout.

This report takes into account a radius around the practice site that includes several Zip Code areas.  Generally, this will include between 8 and 14 Zip Codes If not specifically requested by the client at the time of ordering, we believe this to be the most appropriate radius to take in the likely traffic for the area.  The typical practice will draw from three or four Zip Codes for slightly more than half of its active patients.  We consider 14 Zip Codes will represent 90%+ of the average practice’s patient base.  It is likely that we will cover an area far larger than most doctors should consider.  We believe that there is much to be gained by considering the area in aggregate form as well as in parts.  In the latter part of the report, we will discuss this aggregate area in the form of drive-time radii.

We have found that for professional practices, the most reasonable geopraphic area to consider is the Zip Code.  Most dental office computers can generate patient lists and summaries based upon Zip Codes.  Additionally, all mailing lists are ordered by Zip Code.  Please note that some of the Zip Codes found in the front of Yellow Page Directories do not contain residences.  For the most part these are universities, large corporations, or government sites and do not have a direct statistical bearing upon the recommendations we will make at the end of the Report.  Naturally, they are considered in the Employment section.  The numbers we have used in the radius study are based upon the most recently Updated Census.  As an aside, we understand the specific value of Census Tracts, Tiger Units, Carrier Routes and even more granular measurements but we don’t believe these units to be as helpful to our clients.